Thinking Green


Quinte Mall and Cushman & Wakefield Asset Services are committed to environmental responsibility and the future of this community.

Quinte Mall's Organic Program: We currently have fourteen tenants participating in the program. Thank you to Bourbon St. Grill, N.Y. Fries, Mr. Sub,  Feta & Olives, A&W, KFC/Taco Bell, Tim Hortons, DAVIDsTEA, East Side Mario's, Starbucks, Oishii Sushi, Asian Gourmet and Orange Julius.

Our current organic disposal company is Waste Management and all organic material is taken to Astoria Organic Matters Canada in Belleville.  From 2015 to 2016 our Solid Waste and Recycling Diversion Rate has improved by over 2.66% to 71.1! This means we kept 71.1% of our total waste out of landfill in 2016! 



  • As of December 2016, the participating tenants diverted 503 MT from going to a landfill
  • In 2016, we diverted 254.9 MT of paper products from going to a landfill
  • In 2016, we disposed over 86.1 MT of wood pallets that were collected from store deliveries
  • In 2016 we diverted 73.7 MT of organic material from going to a landfill

In 2016 Quinte Mall saved the equivalent of:

- 5,180 mature trees
- 833,569 gallons of water
- 1,111,424 kwh of electricity



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